This is the institutional repository for peer reviewed articles published in open access and doctoral dissertations by the Agricultural University of Iceland, the Iceland Academy of the Arts, the National and University Library of Iceland, Reykjavik University, the University of Akureyri, Bifröst University, Hólar University College and the University of Iceland. Open access to research results is in accordance with article 10 from the Act on public support for research / 2003 No 3 and is compliant with requirements from international and domestic research fund programs. The purpose of the Open Science repository is to make results of research conducted at Icelandic universities accessible to the public online without hindrance or charge. Deposits to the repository are permanent and are intended to ensure future access to all published scientific material of the Icelandic research community. By collecting this material together in one collection access is made simple and easy for anyone who wishes to study the considerable scientific work conducted in Iceland.

The repository is OpenAIRE / OpenAIREplus compliant and in accordance with requirements for publication of research results from projects supported by the European research programs FP7 and H2020.

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  • Adatia, Karishma K.; Halbritter, Thomas; Reinfelds, Matiss; Michele, Andre; Tran, Michael; Laschat, Sabine; Heckel, Alexander; Tovar, Günter E. M.; Southan, Alexander (Wiley, 2020-01-16)
    (Coumarin-4-yl)methyl (c4m) and p-hydroxyphenacyl (pHP)-based compounds are well known for their highly efficient photoreactions, but often show limited solubility in aqueous media. To circumvent this, we synthesized and characterized the two new c4m ...
  • Quintana Cocolina, Carmen (University of Iceland, School of Humanities, Faculty of Languages and Cultures, 2021-01)
    Spanish author C. Martín Gaite developed a number of theories on communication and the interlocutor in her essays and articles, that she put in practice in her narrative work through author-reader and characters communicative interaction. This study ...
  • Kharlamova, Nastya; Hermanrud, Christina; Dunn, Nicky; Ryner, Malin; Hambardzumyan, Karen; Vivar Pomiano, Nancy; Marits, Per; Gjertsson, Inger; Saevarsdottir, Saedis; Pullerits, Rille; Fogdell-Hahn, Anna (Frontiers Media SA, 2020-07-21)
    A subgroup of patients treated with infliximab lose response to the treatment and one reason for this is the development of anti-drug antibodies (ADA). If used optimally, measuring drug and ADA level could lead to a more personalized and efficient ...
  • Meckl, Markus; Gunnþórsdóttir, Hermína; Aradóttir, Lilja Rós; Viðarsdóttir, Karitas Nína; Sölvason, Ómar Hjalti; Murdock, Elke; Skaptadóttir, Unnur Dís; Wojtyńska, Anna; Wendt, Margrét; Guðmundsson, Birgir; Eyþórsson, Grétar Þór; Bjarnason, Thoroddur; Barillé, Stéphanie; Hoffmann, Lara; Ragnarsdottir, Hanna (Háskólinn á Akureyri, 2020-12)
  • FitzGerald, J. Mark; Tran, Trung N.; Alacqua, Marianna; Altraja, Alan; Backer, Vibeke; Bjermer, Leif; Björnsdóttir, Unnur; Bourdin, Arnaud; Brusselle, Guy; Bulathsinhala, Lakmini; Busby, John; Canonica, Giorgio W.; Carter, Victoria; Chaudhry, Isha; Cho, You Sook; Christoff, George; Cosio, Borja G.; Costello, Richard W.; Eleangovan, Neva; Gibson, Peter G.; Heaney, Liam G.; Heffler, Enrico; Hew, Mark; Hosseini, Naeimeh; Iwanaga, Takashi; Jackson, David J.; Jones, Rupert; Koh, Mariko S.; Le, Thao; Lehtimäki, Lauri; Lúðvíksdóttir, Dóra; Maitland-van der Zee, Anke H.; Menzies-Gow, Andrew; Murray, Ruth B.; Papadopoulos, Nikolaos G.; Perez-de-Llano, Luis; Peters, Matthew; Pfeffer, Paul E.; Popov, Todor A.; Porsbjerg, Celeste M.; Price, Chris A.; Rhee, Chin K.; Sadatsafavi, Mohsen; Tohda, Yuji; Wang, Eileen; Wechsler, Michael E.; Zangrilli, James; Price, David B. (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-08-14)
    Background: Severe asthma exerts a disproportionately heavy burden on patients and health care. Due to the heterogeneity of the severe asthma population, many patients need to be evaluated to understand the clinical features and outcomes of severe ...

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