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Empowering female ethnic minority students in Iceland

Empowering female ethnic minority students in Iceland

Titill: Empowering female ethnic minority students in Iceland
Höfundur: Ragnarsdóttir, Hanna
Blöndal, Hildur
Útgáfa: 2017
Tungumál: Enska
Umfang: 33–37
Háskóli/Stofnun: Háskóli Íslands
University of Iceland
Svið: School of Education (UI)
Menntavísindasvið (HÍ)
Birtist í: Journal für lehrerinnenbildung;17(2)
ISSN: 1681-7028
Efnisorð: Minnihlutahópar; Konur; Valdefling; Nemendur; Menntun; Educational sociology; Immigrants; Empowerment; Women
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/20.500.11815/846

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Introduction Immigration to Iceland has been increasing steadily since 1995 and has reached 7.4 % in 2015 (Hagstofa Íslands, 2016). This fact has brought with it new inspiration and challenges for the educational researcher that seeks to understand the educational needs of diverse students and how to provide them with effective learning opportunities. In this article, we take a critical look at the University of Iceland’s School of Education International Studies in Education (ISE) program and ask how this program has influenced the lives of the participating women who all have an immigrant background. Drawing on the knowledge gained through personal narratives and focus group interviews in 2011, we sought to answer the following key questions: In what way can education be an instrumental part of women’s empowerment, and how can it be a fundamental component in giving women the “tools” they need to reach their goals and aspirations? What role does the critical pedagogy emphasis of the program play for the educational achievements of the women and how does it facilitate a multicultural learning community?




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