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Platform for decoupling experience managers and environments

Platform for decoupling experience managers and environments

Title: Platform for decoupling experience managers and environments
Author: Mori, Giulio   orcid.org/0000-0001-7685-9637
Advisor: David Thue
Stephan Schiffel
Date: 2023-10
Language: English
University/Institute: Reykjavik University
Háskólinn í Reykjavík
School: Tæknisvið (HR)
School of Technology (RU)
Department: Tölvunarfræðideild (HR)
Department of Computer Science (RU)
ISBN: 978-9935-539-20-5
978-9935-539-21-2 (eISBN)
Subject: Artificial intelligence; Intelligent agents (Computer software); Video games; Virtual reality; Human-computer interaction; Gervigreind; Tölvuleikir; Sýndarveruleiki; Gagnvirkni (tölvur); Doktorsritgerðir
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/20.500.11815/4482

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Experience Management employs Artificial Intelligence technologies to enhance people's interactive application experiences by dynamically modifying the environment during the experience. In game-related research, there is a prevailing trend where each experience manager is tightly integrated with the specific environment it can manipulate. This integration poses a challenge in comparing different managers within a single environment or a single manager across multiple environments. In this dissertation, I propose a solution to address this issue by introducing EM-Glue, an intermediary software platform that decouples experience managers from the environments they can modify. Prior to presenting the solution, I provide a comprehensive problem description and conduct a literature review to explore the current state of the field. Subsequently, I outline the platform's structural design, including a communication protocol facilitating interaction between managers and environments, as well as the regular communication process. Additionally, I develop a use case to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed solution. This involves employing an environment and two experience managers: the Camelot Wrapper, a software I constructed to extend the interactive visualization engine Camelot and connect it to the platform, PaSSAGE, an existing experience manager adapted for use with the platform, and a random experience manager. The evaluation results demonstrate the platform's ability to decouple experience managers from environments, enabling future work to compare experience managers across multiple environments.

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