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Trends in kidney transplantation rate across Europe : a study from the ERA Registry

Trends in kidney transplantation rate across Europe : a study from the ERA Registry

Title: Trends in kidney transplantation rate across Europe : a study from the ERA Registry
Author: Boenink, Rianne
Kramer, Anneke
Tuinhout, Rosalie E
Savoye, Emilie
Åsberg, Anders
Idrizi, Alma
Kerschbaum, Julia
Ziedina, Ieva
Ziginskiene, Edita
Farrugia, Emanuel
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Date: 2023-06
Language: English
Scope: 12
Department: Other departments
Faculty of Medicine
Series: Nephrology, dialysis, transplantation; 38(6)
ISSN: 0931-0509
DOI: 10.1093/ndt/gfac333
Subject: Nýrnalæknisfræði; Europe/epidemiology; Humans; Kidney; Kidney Transplantation; Living Donors; Registries
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/20.500.11815/4179

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Boenink , R , Kramer , A , Tuinhout , R E , Savoye , E , Åsberg , A , Idrizi , A , Kerschbaum , J , Ziedina , I , Ziginskiene , E , Farrugia , E , Garneata , L , Zakharova , E V , Bell , S , Arnol , M , Segelmark , M , Ioannou , K , Hommel , K , Rosenberg-Ots , M , Vazelov , E , Helve , J , Mihály , S , Pálsson , R , Nordio , M , Gjorgjievski , N , de Vries , A P J , Seyahi , N , Magadi , W A , Resić , H , Kalachyk , A , Rahmel , A O , Galvão , A A , Naumovic , R , Lundgren , T , Arici , M , de Meester , J M , Ortiz , A , Jager , K J & Stel , V S 2023 , ' Trends in kidney transplantation rate across Europe : a study from the ERA Registry ' , Nephrology, dialysis, transplantation , vol. 38 , no. 6 , pp. 1528-1539 . https://doi.org/10.1093/ndt/gfac333


BACKGROUND: The aim of this study was to identify trends in total, deceased donor (DD) and living donor (LD) kidney transplantation (KT) rates in European countries. METHODS: The European Renal Association (ERA) Registry and the Global Observatory on Donation and Transplantation (GODT) databases were used to obtain the number of KTs in individual European countries between 2010 and 2018. General population counts were obtained from Eurostat or the national bureaus of statistics. The KT rate per million population (p.m.p.) and the average annual percentage change (APC) were calculated. RESULTS: The total KT rate in the 40 participating countries increased with 1.9% annually [95% confidence interval (CI) 1.5, 2.2] from 29.6 p.m.p. in 2010 to 34.7 p.m.p. in 2018, reflecting an increase of 3.4 p.m.p. in the DD-KT rate (from 21.6 p.m.p. to 25.0 p.m.p.; APC 1.9%; 95% CI 1.3, 2.4) and of 1.5 p.m.p. in the LD-KT rate (from 8.1 p.m.p. to 9.6 p.m.p.; APC 1.6%; 95% CI 1.0, 2.3). The trends in KT rate varied widely across European countries. An East-West gradient was observed for DD-KT rate, with Western European countries performing more KTs. In addition, most countries performed fewer LD-KTs. In 2018, Spain had the highest DD-KT rate (64.6 p.m.p.) and Turkey the highest LD-KT rate (37.0 p.m.p.). CONCLUSIONS: The total KT rate increased due to a rise in the KT rate from DDs and to a lesser extent from LDs, with large differences between individual European countries.


© The Author(s) 2023. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the ERA. Funding Information: We would like to thank the patients and the staff of the dialysis and transplant units for contributing the data via their national and regional renal registries to the ERA Registry and the GODT. Furthermore, we gratefully acknowledge the following registries and persons for their contribution of the data: Albanian Renal Registry (M. Rroji and E. Likaj); Austrian Dialysis and Transplant Registry (OEDTR) (F. Engler, R. Kramar, G. Mayer, and the Austrian Society of Nephrology); Belarus Renal Registry (K.S. Komissarov and K.S. Kamisarau); Dutch-speaking Belgian Society of Nephrology (NBVN) (M. Couttenye and F. Schroven); French-speaking Belgian Society of Nephrology (GNFB) (J.M. des Grottes and F. Collart); Renal Registry Bosnia and Herzegovina; Cyprus Renal Registry (A. Pastelli and L Yioukas); Czech Republic: Registry of Dialysis Patients (RDP) (F. Lopot, I. Rychlík and J. Potucek); Danish Nephrology Registry (DNS); Estonian Society of Nephrology (Ü. Pechter and K. Lilienthal); Finnish Registry for Kidney Diseases (P. Finne and H. Niemelä); France: The Epidemiology and Information Network in Nephrology (REIN) (M. Lassalle and C. Couchoud); Hellenic Renal Registry (G. Moustakas); Icelandic End-Stage Renal Disease Registry; Montenegro Renal Registry (M. Ratkovic, D. Radunović and F. Tomović); Italian Registry of Dialysis and Transplantation (RIDT) (A. Limido and M. Postorino); Latvian Renal Registry (V. Kuzema, A. Popovam and A. Pētersons); Lithuanian Renal Registry (V. Vainauskas and I. Nedzelskiene); North Macedonian Renal Registry (O. Stojceva and R.I. Bushljetik); Norwegian Renal Registry (A.V. Reisæter); Portuguese Renal Registry (A. Ferreira); Romanian Renal Registry (RRR) (G. Mircescu, and E. Podgoreanu); Russian Renal Registry (A. Andrusev and N. Tomilina); Renal Registry in Serbia (M. Lausevic, all of the Serbian renal units, and the Serbian Society of Nephrology); Slovakian Renal Registry (I. Lajdová, V. Spustová and M.J. Rosenberger); Spain Renal Registry (B. Mahillo Durán and M.O. Valentín Muñoz); Swedish Renal Registry (SRR) (K.G. Prütz, M. Stendahl, M. Evans, S. Schön and H. Rydell); Swiss Dialysis Registry (P. Ambühl and R. Guidotti); Dutch Renal Registry (RENINE) (L. Heuveling, S. Vogelaar and M. ten Dam); Registry of the Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation in Turkey (TSNNR) (K. Ateş and G. Süleymanlar); UK Renal Registry (all the staff of the UK Renal Registry and of the renal units submitting data); Scottish Renal Registry (SRR) (All of the Scottish renal units); and the other ERA Registry committee members not mentioned above for their advice in the analysis and the drafting of this paper: C. Wanner, P. Ambühl, P.M. Ferraro, S.A. Bakkaloglu, J. Helve, J.E. Sánchez-Alvarez, S.S. Sørensen and E. Vidal. The ERA Registry is funded by the European Renal Association (ERA). This article was written by Rianne Boenink et al. on behalf of the ERA Registry which is an official body of the ERA. Publisher Copyright: © The Author(s) 2023.

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